Saturday, March 26, 2011

Post Card Swap

Some of the backs I am playing post office with!

Thread,  fabric and  hand made paper

Stitched on fabric and paper then glued to mat board. Then it was backed with a copy
of an old post card with a mocked up little stamp!

Having lots of fun, can't wait to receive the hand made
surprises in the mail!
Thanks for Peeking, Karen

These are for a post card swap hosted by i Hanna
It is now closed but you can go there and see other cards.
Also take a look at her blog with many tutorials and how to's!
Thanks Hanna for all the work!


Jane Cabrera said...

Hi, Isn't it sooo exciting. Love yours....and your work too. Happy swopping Jane x

iHanna said...

Oh my, such beautiful postcards, those will be some very lucky girls who receive those! Thanks for sharing a little peak into the making of them!

gillar_rosa said...

Oh, absolutely lovely! Love the stiching.

LaventimeDreams said...

Thank you all. Special thanks to iHanna for setting up the swap!


The Shizknit Collective said...

Your cards are beautiful! I just linked here from Jane Cabrera's blog. I love the final photo of the handstitched lady. Seeing all these cards is making me want one of every single person participating (I know that's a bit greedy but they're all so lovely!). Am so glad to be taking part too.
Lovely blog too :)

It's All Happening said...

Hi there,
Thanks for your e-mail today. I'm glad you got your postcard! Also, thanks for providing me with your blog info. - gorgeous!!! Enjoy the rest of your postcards, Susanna :)

dianestaudt said...

Oh my gosh! I absoutely LOVE your postcards! I hope I'm one of the lucky girls iHanna mentioned!

LaventimeDreams said...

Thank you, Shizknit Collective... it could happen! One of the cards I was admiring actually came in the mail from gillar-rosa check out her blog.

LaventimeDreams said...

Thank you for the kind words, Diane

TJ said...

These are totally cool and with a fun and quirky style! I love them. (And am secretly hoping one is on it's way to germany!!)

It's so fun hopping around and seeing what everybody made.
Best wishes for your happy creations, tj

karen said...

Received your card yesterday. Very cute!
Karen E

LaventimeDreams said...

Thank you TJ. Loved your flower stamping on your cards! Karen

EWian said...

These are fabulous! Always fun to see grate cards.


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