Friday, June 3, 2011


This little bear 6 inches tall,  is lost in this big world!
Send her a message in the comments ,  only on this post.

Enter the drawing to be announced next Friday, June 10 th !

Good Luck, Thanks for peeking, Karen


Isabella said...

She is so adorable, I love your little bears. I really wish I had enough money to buy them all!


iHanna said...

Hello little bear, if you want to travel you can come to me, and stay how ever long you want to. There is plenty of room, and love here. XOXO

LaventimeDreams said...

Thank you for the email Debbie, you are entered in the giveaway!

Anna Soh said...

Sweet little one, do not be afraid or feel lost in this big world for I will eternally love and comfort you with hugs and kisses. There will be no darkness but sunshine for you, I promise.

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Thanks for peeking!