Monday, October 10, 2011

A Look At Her Backside

I decided to leave the backside of this stitchery uncovered to allow
viewing of the bobbin stitches

Here is the front

Hold on tight
With all your might
Bunnies love to run

Bunnies Love To Run
and a few other new pieces in the shop

Thanks for peeking, Karen


Claire said...

The back can be almost as interesting as the front sometimes........

Love the latest stitchery and Bunnies do love to run....wish I was as fast, but two legs will never beat four.......

Claire :}

Karen Drayne said...

Thanks, Claire,

Oh, what a beautiful garden is blooming over at Sweet Birdy Love,
Claires blog, go see her pictures!


olric said...

Hi Karen! I loved these bunnies so much!!And i'm so happy to be followed by you! Tahnk you very much!

Anonymous said...

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Thanks for peeking!