Sunday, January 1, 2012

Every Day Faces Project 2012

I have decided to try a daily project for this year.  Posting  a new face of some sort every day
whether it is a drawing, a  stitched face, a painted face  or ?????

Hope you will come back and see how far I get...

Faces 1

The stitchery came first and inspired  the drawing.  Maybe some days the reverse!
Looking forward to the Every Day Faces which will probably be far far away from everyday faces.

Thanks for peeking!


Claire said...

Hey Karen, I'm certainly looking forward to watching your progress.
I love both the drawing and the stitchery......

Claire :}

Karen Drayne said...

Thank you Claire,
Best wishes for the new year!


Gulcin of Olric said...

Hello Karen, this project sounds exciting!Looking forward to see new faces every day!

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Thanks for peeking!