Thursday, March 15, 2012

Face 74

This weeks Faces are very eclectic again.  Enjoying my pencils most days now.
Seams like some sort of strange hair thing going on here!

 Hope you enjoy them ...

Face 74
Pencil drawing on 8x10 paper
Bunny Hat

Face 73

Collage and pencil drawing on 8x10 paper

Face 72

Pencil drawing on 8x10 paper

Face 71

4x5 pencil sketch for stitching!

Face 70

Wild beast Pencil sketch

Face 69

Pencil drawing on 6x6 paper

Face 68

Collage 9x12, pencil

Face 67

Pencil drawing, 8x10

Face 66

12 inch bear on the work bench

Thanks for peeking, Karen


Claire said...

I love the way you draw eyes Karen........

The faces are all wonderful, of course I love all your drawings with birds in them......

Great detail in No. 72 and the collage with xray in No. 73 gave it a very interesting effect.

I am always amazed at the changing variety in your faces. What a wonderful gift to have an imagination like yours.

Claire :}

Karen Drayne said...

Thank you Claire,

You are too kind! Karen

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Thanks for peeking!