Sunday, June 3, 2012

Face 147

The Face Project is slowing down!

  Just can't find the time to draw, stitch or create a new face every day.
Working on many other projects right now.
So... I will post when a new face just has to come to life,
 and we will see how many show up by the end of the year.

I appreciate all of you following this project and hope to post many more
faces before year end.... Karen

Face 147

Collage on  old 1862-1875 land deed.

Face 146

Pencil drawing with stitches.

I really can't explain this drawing!
Before I knew it these little birds were
at the bottom and I don't know what they are doing...

Face 145

this is a print with silk Kimono fabric.

Face 144

Face 143


Face 142
Crayon drawing.

Thanks for peeking!


Claire said...

More great work Karen, I love the different textures and layers you add to your work.

The eyes still draw me in and I just love the birds......

Hope you are well....

Claire :}

Gulcin said...

I'm smitten with Face 147!! So lovely!! And it's a pleasure following your wonderful project...

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Thanks for peeking!