Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Face 58

A very eclectic group. This has been a long time getting these posted as we have all had the flu.
It started a week and a half ago with the grand kids, then their Mom and I. Today is the first good day.
Was so sick I lost 9 pounds and  3 days in the bed, very unusual for me.

Hope you enjoy them out of order and doubled up to make up for sick days!

Face 58

Early Bird
Crochet and knit pieces

Painted wood cat


Charcoal drawing

Face 55

Cut paper, watercolor

Face 54

Watercolor and pencil


Face 52

Sketches using grandchildren's eyes


Whiteboard drawings with 2 grandchildren

Face 50

Love those little hands drawing!

Face 49

He loves everyone and he loves drawing faces on everything!

Thanks for peeking, Karen


Amalia K said...

Your faces are unique and wonderful as always, Karen! I think that little black bear really stole my heart. :)

Sorry to hear you were unwell. Nice to know you're feeling better.

Claire said...

Hey Karen, sorry to hear you've been so ill.....I imagine time in bed was spent thinking about lots of different faces too.

Love the variety in this post particularly the fox and cut paper .

Those two little hands creating is a beautiful image.

Hope you are well over that nasty lurgy and enjoying good health.

Claire :}

Karen Drayne said...

Thank you Claire and Amalia,
Everyone is back to normal.

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Thanks for peeking!