Friday, February 17, 2012

Faces Project

Face 48
Machine stitched on linen. 

Face 47

5x6 card

Face 46

Made wire face, then used photoshop.

Face 45
"Trapped in Love"
Pencil drawing. 3x5

Face 44

Stitched on linen. 4x5


Monoprint using printers ink.

Face 42

Ink drawing.

Face 41
Pencil and watercolor. 2 1/2 inches.


Monoprint with printers ink. 4x6.

Face 39

Monoprint 8x10.

Face 38

Waited all day for Baby. New granddaughter born this day!

Face 37
Pencil drawing 1 1/2 inch tall.

Thanks for peeking, Karen


Claire said...

More fabulous faces Karen.......the second and fifth are my favourits. I love how you mix up the media and put it all together.

Enjoy that new grandaughter....

Claire :}

Karen Drayne said...

Thanks Claire, Love that painted cloud shot over on your beautiful blog! Karen

Amalia K said...

Your faces entertain as always, Karen. I love how you used different mediums and how each face tells as story of their own. :)

Connie said...

I love your creative imagination! Your newest follower and fellow blogger, Connie

Karen Drayne said...

Thank you Amelia and Connie,for your kind words and peeking in! Karen

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Thanks for peeking!